Bosch Mixer Accessory Knife 00416533

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Original spare Bosch mixer blade.

Original replacement for kitchen appliance. This blade is attached to the chopper attachment of the mixer.

Code: 00416533

MFQ3550/01 MSM5660/01 MSM67PE/01
MFQ3550/02 MSM6600/01 MSM67PE/02
MFQ3550/03 MSM6600/02 MSM67PE/03
MFQ3550/04 MSM6600/03 MSM67PEAU/02
MFQ3550S/01 MSM6600/04 MSM67PEAU/03
MFQ3550S/02 MSM6700/01 MSM67PEGB/02
MFQ3550S/03 MSM6700/02 MSM67PEGB/03
MFQ3550S/04 MSM6700/03 MSM67SL/03
MQ5N600/01 MSM6700/04 MSM67SPORT/01
MQ5N600/02 MSM6700GB/02 MSM6S70B/01
MQ5N6PE/01 MSM6700GB/03 MSM87180/01
MQ5N6PE/02 MSM6700GB/04 MSM88190/01
MQ95550/01 MSM67170/01 MSM88195AU/01
MQ95550/02 MSM67170B/01 MSMM8910CN/01
MQ95550S/01 MSM67170KR/01

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