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Washing machine care: descaling

Decalcifying and cleaning the washing machine: secret to good maintenance


There are 3 major doubts that mankind wonders about the decalcification of the washing machine:


  1. Why should I descale my washing machine?
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  3. When should I descale my washing machine?
  4. When should I descale my washing machine?
  5. How to perform the descaling process?
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Parts, like the resistor, suffer from the action of limescale and dirt

Let's try to shed some light on the subject:

We will try to shed some light on the subject:

Why descale my washing machine?


Like any appliance that works with water, the washing machine is an appliance that depends on the quality of the water with which it works. Poor maintenance of our appliance can cause breakdowns and malfunctions that we could avoid, sometimes with a proper cleaning of the appliance. There are several products on the market for the decalcification of the washing machine. Many brands market their own products for the maintenance of the appliance. There are also very good quality generic products on the market.

When should I descale my washing machine?



It is recommended to make a descaling every 6 months of use, although this period is indicative. Depending on the number of washing machines used per week, or the quality of the water in our area. In certain areas the cleanings can be spaced up to a year, but with certain waters and with intense use can even be advisable every four months.

There are also indications that may indicate that the appliance needs to be cleaned of limescale:

  • The laundry comes out with stains.
  • The laundry comes out with stains.
  • The appliance gives off scentduring operation.
  • There are rests of limescale on the visible parts of the appliance: inside the drum, limescale deposits on the filter...


How to do the descaling process


It's very simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Buy a good descaler specific for washing machines. There are good quality generic descalers, and there are also specific descalers marketed by different manufacturers:
    - Generic Multipurpose washing machine descaler: anti-odour, anti-grease, anti-scale Chubb.
    - Descaler for washing machines AEG, Electrolux.
    - Washer descaler for Bosch, Siemens, Balay(they are part of the same multi-brand group)
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  3. Prepare with the empty appliance, a washing program without pre-wash, at 60º temperature.
  4. Pour the decalcifier liquid into the detergent drawer of the washing machine and start the program normally and until the end of the process.
  5. Make sure that the process is really finished and that the washing machine has been working properly, if there is water left in the appliance, in the next wash, the clothes could be damaged.

After the process, the internal parts of the washer will have been cleaned of limescale and the remains of detergents and dirt that adhere to the limescale in drum tubes. Be careful to perform descaling periodically before the warning signs appear, because if limescale accumulations are very intense, serious breakdowns may occur or clothes may be damaged... unnecessarily.

We hope we've been helpful and if you have any questions or suggestions, leave them below in the comments. see you next post!!!