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Adaptable parts for washing machine

Universal and adaptable parts for the best washing machine brands. The same quality at a lower price. Your spare parts always at Easy and safe online shopping. Telephone and online assistance, we advise you on your purchases. Choose your preferred payment method. See free shipping conditions. Spare parts and accessories at a click.

Bosch, Balay Washing Machine Detergent Dispenser 00709858

Bosch, Balay Washing Machine Detergent Dispenser 00709858


Save money when you buy washing machine parts. At we have made a selection of the best quality spare parts for your washing machine at cheaper prices. Same quality, less price.

Did you know that many manufacturers do not manufacture the parts for their appliances themselves? If you think about it, it's logical: how is a brand going to have a factory for motors for all its devices, a factory for housings, another for electronic circuits, and so on ...?

Here you will find washing machine parts direct from the manufacturer, of high quality, without intermediaries.

Frequent questions

The product label of your washing machine is on the inside of the door frame. When you open the door, the label with the appliance model data should be on the inside frame.