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September: back to normal

Whether you had a vacation or you took advantage of the summer to be at home... the return to the "season" is here: the return to the routine involves many things, but an important one is that your appliances are at their best to withstand the daily hustle and bustle. Here are some tips so that September does not catch you with the wrong foot.


September is the classic month of homecoming. You've been relaxing a bit, and meanwhile, your home appliances have been waiting: in many cases...idle. You may find yourself in for a couple of surprises when you tear out the cleaning, or the laundry, or some of those things you left undone before the summer started.

Sometimes it's best to just keep your appliances on standby.

Sometimes it's better to anticipate problems, so here are the top "incidents" that, from our experience with clients, you may encounter when you get back from summer:


Coffee maker




Coffemakers are a great way to make coffee.

Coffemakers are water-operated, high-temperature appliances, and these types of appliances do not accept standstills well. Residues may have formed in the circuit of the appliance, so it is advisable a descaling that avoids breakdowns or poor performance. There are descaling products for each brandof coffee maker on the market.







The vacuum cleaner has been in the state of the art.

The vacuum cleaner has been sitting idle, because in summer you wanted to take it easy, but... You didn't change the filters (or the vacuum cleaner bag) before you left? If you are going to do a little cleaning during this month of September it would be interesting that your vacuum cleaner filter starts the season in perfect condition. Remember that a filter in poor condition can cause breakdowns in the motor of your appliance or dirt to return to the air in your home.



The oven in summer is not used much. But this year is being a little bit special, many of us have been making new recipes, baking and, of course, lots of artisan bread. Before you start cranking your oven again, check the condition of the heating elements and, above all, the door gasket, which prevents heat from being lost through the front. The door gasket should be a flexible rubber and should be firmly and tautly attached to the frame where the closing is made.




Summer, travel, and the heat has given your washing machine a much-deserved break, but now work shirts, uniforms, and suitcases full of clothes are coming back. During the summer, with the inactivity, sometimes the residues inside the washing machine produce bad smells. Perform a cleaning and descaling process of your washing machine and you will avoid: bad smells in the washing machine, stains on clothes, jams.


In addition, it is recommended that you check the condition of the washing machine filter, so that it does not have any damage that may cause breaks in the pump of the appliance.




Though it may seem unbelievable, in summer you don't really feel like sitting in front of a plate of stew. But, you'll surely miss it the first day it cools down. Take advantage now to prepare an original rubber of your pot, because, maybe you do not need the first day, but it is always a better idea to be prepared to have the pot ready for when you need it. Manufacturers recommend changing the pot's rubber at least ONCE A YEAR. Remember that it is an essential part for safety, and that it is in direct contact with your everyday food. Never skimp on the care of your cooker: valves, rubbers and handlesbetter original ones.


As I said, the vacations are almost over, the reduced schedule or the quieter time at work; but a new cycle begins and you have to face it well prepared, comfortable and, as far as possible, happy. That life is not to complicate it.