Fagor Washing Machine 2 Bearings + Seal 6Kg

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Fagor 6Kg washing machine 2 bearings and seal set. Washing machine original spare part. Bearing and seal malfunctions can cause noise when the appliance is spinning.

Bearing code: 6205zz

Seal code: L57A001A4

Seal measurements: 32 x 52 x 10/12

3F-109CCC LUXE 2002 FE-1059 SW201 LA-108LX 3FS-3611CCC F-710
VLF606FK LUXE 2003 LD-1153 LD-1050 LA-110 BWF1106SS SUNNY-510
WD63110 LUXE 2004 FE-949 WM-1100V LD-1156 L-7610S SGFA912710
POP-L826 L-63 FE-2009 AD-2116 CKD FF-510 FF-850 WFT6412I
ROMAN-LS1126 LP-63 FE-2011 LAF-382 WM601 MWF3-2511 ALF7220
ROMAN-LI1046 LP-63M FE-949 MARRU WMP-1100V WD601 MWF3-1611 WFIT6012I
ROMAN-LSI1126 LC-2000 FE-2010 WA-1100 PFL-1100L FF-650 WFIT6412I
ROMAN-LP1026 LG-830 FE-1059V WA-1100 PKM PFL-1010T FG-111 WI63113DE
METAL-L1026 LE-840 FF-2009 4L-1054 PWM1000FL 3F-2610 WFT6100XI
DDS-6311ITX LVP-508 B LD-2100 AD-2106 VLF5102 3F-3608IT WFT6412XI
L-5110P LV-508 EDESA FF-2011 FUS-3611X VLF5122 OWD1164 ALF7010X
LAW5010 L-914G FU-1158 1F-4611 VLF6104 WFD1146E WFT7121XI
PFD-1266E L-914D 1L-84LX LM-68 VEF6116 WFA0605FK WDI63113CN
FE-1236E WA-8 LL-95 L-2086 L-815 WFA0905FK WFA0606FK
1FG-2612 WA=10 1L-104 LAF-4103V L-1015 PFE-1066 WFA0906FK
WFD711A LL-80V LS-48 1F-3611 I L-836 PFD-1066 WBF1250K
L-6123CE FW-1000 LS-51 1F-3611 IN L-1026 PFD-1077 ALF7010
FF-5010 LE-381 L-841D 1F-3611IT L-1036 LAW5110 ZEN-L1015
LC-815 FR-800 L-841U L-2281F F-3611X DLZ692JU2 WFA0877A
LC-836P BAW-800 2LP-84 WFF0812K F-3611 I 3FS-3611X F-7212P
LC-1015 BAW-1000 2LP-84N WFF0762K L-1036X FEV-1510 FSCH3612
LC-936IT WA-80 LW-90 WFF0962K L-1036LX LAW6110 FGB-170 / WR
SGFA3115 WA-100 1LS-410P WFF1172K LP-836 LAW6010 FGB-1705 / MO
SGFA395 FC-1008L LW-110 WFD1072K LP-1036 LPR735 FGB-270 /WR
SGFA375 PF-800 WWH6209TWW LFA-1080 LP-1036N WFA0835E FGB-172 /WR
SGFA3116 PF-1000 W1004 LFB-80 LS-1136 WFA1076E FGB-1725 /MO
SGFA396 PF-1000S WWH8109XSS LFA-1100 L-936IT WFA0676F FGB-1725 /WR
ROMAN-LP1027 WA-810 UWM-1046/1 LFB-100 L-1136IT WFA0835F FGB-272 /WR
ROMAN-LSI1146 WA-1011 PF2-800 P WFF1113N LS-1136IT WFA0676E FF-6013 /WR
METAL-LS1126 UWM-1046 FAST-80 1L-2086 LEA-5108 WFA0876E FF-6012 /MO
3F-1610 LU-83 FU-837 1L-2086LX L-4311F WFA1035E FF-6012 /WR
3F-1610X KWM-381 L-5082G 1L-2106 L-7190D WMI2004 SUNNY-610 /WR
3F-2612X LF-830 TW L-7082D LP-2086 L-7311D FS-3612IT SUNNY-610 /MO
L-7110S LC-981 TD L-3082R LP-2086N L-5109G FS-3612X HOLLY-612 /MO
CI330CDA 900 L ELCO L-2281F/1 4L-84IT L-5311G F-2612B HOLLY-612 /WR
CI930 950 L ELCO WA-8410A SGF085 L-2109R F-3612ITB HOLLY-710 /WR
CI230WH WE-90 RWH6402FWW SGF105 L-2311R SGF3179B HOLLY-710 /MO
CI230SI WA-855 RWH-6209 TWW SGF4085 ML-196 FWD612IT ROMAN-L1026 /MO
CI830WH WA-800 (BAYER WWH7402FWW SGF4105 ML-316 VLF7112 ROMAN-L1026 /WR
CI830SI WA-1000 WWH6402FWW SGFA7106 ML-316X VLF6102 VLF-6122 /MO
LVGE06AFETA2B LV-850 T 1FE-1047S PF-83 CKD LM-610 WFA0877E VLF-6122 /WR
LSGE63AFETA2B LV-158 T FES-1148SY PF-113 CKD 2L-860D WFA1077E PLAT-L1216S
LA-1086 LBF-850 W 3L-104 PFD-113P CKD 1LS-486 SGF3879B BWF170T
LA-1106 ILV-85 T F-2607 FUS-3611 1LS-4106 SGF3159B F-6010
LA-1106LX KALORIK-4070 F-2609 FUS-3611IT 1L-860G SGF3859B F-6012
L-850S EFF-831 T F-2611 WMP-1150V 1L-1050G SGF3169B ZEN-L6210
L-1060S EH-832 F F-3609 WD-1100 LFA-6108 SGF3869B FGB-170 / MO
PFE-1050/CKD 838 ELECTRA F-2609LX L-3116S LFA-6110 BW325W FGB-172 /MO
PFE-850/CKD 1050 F-3609LA SPFDA-113 LFB-611 BW325SL BASIC-L1017
POP-L1026 848 F-3611 L-84T LFA-6310 WFA1247F KWI63113
ROMAN-L1026 LP-841 F-2609P WFF0612A LFB-631 FF-5000 BWF6212E
LT-508 L-841A F-2609PN WFF0812A LF-1106 VLF1006FK BWF6110E
LFC-850-T MRT-185 F-2611P MLL-96 LE-1155 3FS-3611ITCCC BWF7212E
LFC-850TNW FC-1008L/1 F-3611 IN MLL-96LX LEB-508 FG-1005 BWF7110E
LFC1050TNVD/W L-841 VLF508 MLD-116 LEA-5110 OWD1164S FE-6210IT
LFC850TNDW WA-7310 1 VLF510 MLD-116X LEA-6110 FF-511 FSE-6212IT
LFC-850 TD F-844 3L-84 L-1611I LC-85 PFE-1066E FSE-6212
LFC-1050 TVW LB-110P 3L-114S LA-4163 LC-85LX PFD-1066E FE-6012
LM-1000 1F-3611X 3LP-114S WMP-1120V WD602 VLF0815E F-7210
LAC-8050 T L-85 3LP-84 L-7110D WM602 VLF1015E F-7212
LAC-8050TW L-1100 3LP-84N FAST-100 EL FE-1159V FE-1047E ZEN-L6212
F-636PM LP-850 M 3L-956 SGF4085N SPFD-1064 FGS-3612 ZEN-L7110
F-636P L-508 MP FE-209 SGF4105N 3FS-3611 DLZ693W ZENL7210
F-846P L-1100/S FE-211 LS-956 3F-1609 WD1200LUXNMSL ZEN-L7212
F-846 L-850 LU-4103 FF-2095 WL-1000 WD1200LUXNMWH BWF7108E
F-846R L-508 LD-090 VLF2115 BTWM5 WDI1200NM FE-6212IT
FG-480 L-850 S LD-110 VLF4117 BWD12.1 METAL-LS1226 HOME-LI7212
1F-3609 LP-1100 FF-309 2F-2607 PFE-84/CKD ROMAN-LS1226 HOME-LI7210
LP-841M LP-850 FF-311 2F-2609 PFE-104/CKD FE-1036E HOME-LI6210
L-8052 W LVP-508M 2 WA-1020 2F-2609LX PFD-84/CKD BWD6421 HOME-LSI6212
F-85 LTP-1508 M WM-1010 2F-3609 PFD-104/CKD WD603 HOME-LS6212
F-105 L-508 P WM-1000V 2F-2611 PFD-104LX FS-3612 VLF64LS
F-85 P F-1056 60EL 2F-3611 FU-6116IT DLZ693BU FE-7010LX
F-105 P F-1056P GHIBLI1000 2F-3611 I FUS-6116IT ROMAN-L1015 FE-610
F-85 PM F-1056PM 620DIGIT 2F-3611X FUS-6116 LPR730 BWF372T
FE-85 FE-1054 WFF1011N 2F-2609P FUS-6116X WFA-7110 FE-7210IT
FE-82 FE-624 D900 2F-2609PN WMI2001 WFA-7112 ALF1106
FE-83 FE-844 WFF0811K 2F-3609IT WDI2201 1L-270R HOME-L5110
FE-105 LAF-4101 WFF1012K 2F-3611P BWD1100W 1L-272R VLF5322
F-84 FE-834 VMP808 L-2086X PLAT-L1016S DREAMG-712 FE-6212B
F-115 LAF-381 LA-4113S 2F-3611IT DLZ692JE1 ROMAN-LSI1246 WD63114
F-84P L-708D WM800 CKD 2F-3611 IN DLZ692JU1 WFA-7310 FF-6300
F-84PM L-228F LL-1020V 2F-209 WI63113 WFA-7312 1FE-1217
F-115P L-308R WM-1000 2F-211 WDI63113 WFB-712
LH-80TW L-808S F-3611IT 2F-311 ALF1106X WFB-170
LAC8050TFR L-508G LW-110 IS 2FU-311 ALF2106 WFD1250F
LAC8050TWF L-104 840 CM 2FU-3611IT ALF2106P MWM600IN
LAC-8051TP L-110 W W 840/1 CM 1FE-84 ALF2086IT 1ML-170
F-846PM L-84 841 CM DLZ491JE1 ALF2106IT SPRING-7110
FG-382 L-8500 841/1 CM FF-105 ALS3116IT FF-850LX
FG-384 LB-110 1140 CM 1F-4611X VLF6112 WFA1216F
FG-388 LB-85 1140/1 CM L-956T SGFT85 URBAN-L1027
L-19C LB-85PM 1LS-48 WBF1114K SGFT105 URBAN-L1026
LF-820 WDE LB-85P FI-2950 WBF1114U SGFT106 URBAN-LS1226
LFC-850TWD LP-104M 3L-94 WBD1114K ALF108 ZEN-LI1047
LP-850/S LP-104 3LP-94 WBD1114U ALF110 ZEN-LSI1246
LP-850 M/S LP-110 3LP-94N LA-483LX F-3712P WFT6120I
L-914S LP-84 L-2066 LP-3116S F-3710IT FGB-1705 /WR
LE-840P LP-84M L-2086LX 1L-1611I F-3712IT FGB-270 /MO
LB-70 LP-85 W W FF-209 2FF-3611 ROMAN-LI1047 URBAN-LSI1246
LB-70P LP-85M FF-211 FF-1005X ALF2107IT ZEN-L1227
LB-70PM F-1056 DP WT5 VLF2095 SGLF9116 ZEN-L1217
WB-60 L-1041 R-84 2F-3610IT ALS2116 ZEN-L1226
WB-100 F-1056 DPM RL-95 2FS-3611 LFA-6112 ZEN-L1026
LTP-1508 B F-844 P L-842D 2FS-3611IT WFA1046F ZEN-LS1226
W W LT-1508 F-844 PM L-1042G 2FS-3610IT MWD3-3611 ZEN-L1017
LAC-8051TP W F-1054 2LS-410P 1L-509G PBD-1064 VLF7012
LA-38 F-1054 P WM001 1L-511G DDS-6311IPN WFT7100I
LA-58 PB FE-82 MI 1FE-94 1L-1609I 3F-1611 VLF6140
A-82 CKD FE-83 CA PFE-900E 1L-209R DANCE-L610 1FE-1017
L-8054 LA-381 PFE-900E P 1L-211R LEA-6210 BWF171T
CL-84 LA-381 PB PFE-1100E P 1L-4090F CACH-L1016F SGF113107
LD-841 LA-381 PM WFF1112N 1L-7090D FANTASY-620 SGF118127
LD-1051 HL-6101 HOLLA WFD1011K 1L-7110D RALLY-620 PFD-1026
FE-824 HL-6102 HOLLA W1003 L-860D WFA0876F PFD-1226
FE-6241 TH-851 FU-311 LID-86 SGFA31179 PFE-1115
FE-8341 LV-508 LS-466 PFD-93IPLX PFD-1264/CKD BWF172I
FE-6341 LVP-508 LS-486 PFDA-113IP PFE-1264/CKD PFD-1237
FE-626 LT-1508 L-7070D PFDA-113IP/CK VLF6124 PFD-1027
FE-636 LA-383 P L-7090D 2F-209 CKD PWM1250FL FSCH3612IT
FE-836 LA-383PN F-948DG 2F-211 CKD PFL-1300L L-7722S
FE-846 PF2-800 F-948P 1FE-94 CKD PFL-3021TW WI73110
FE-1046 PFE-1100E F-948PM 2F-3609 CKD FF-522 PFD-1125
FE-826 PFE-900ELX 3L-1054 PFE-93P/CKD FF-6212 WFA1047E
FE-6261 TA-890 L-4090F FF-2950 FF-623 WFA1247E
FE-8361 TA-850 EL-904 2F-3609X VLF6122 LVASE-F000
LD-832 WA-1102 EL-905 LEF-4110V PFE-1250/CKD FGB-272 /MO
LD-1042 WA-802 LD-950 FCH-84 SGFA9126 FF-6013 /MO
FE-836S 1FE-837S LD-1100 FCH-94 WFF1276E F-610
CL-1040TB 1FE-1047 CL-850 FCH-104 PFE-1260 BWF508E
CL-1040TV 1FE-837 HLWA-1100 LC-84 WFA1246F VLF7002
FE-1046V 1L-114S LF-550 TX LC-84LX WFF1266N XQG60-BWD12-1
FU-836 1LP-114S LF-430 TXW FF-2105 MWF3-2612 SPFD-1226
FU-1046 FES-1148 LF-540 TXW FF-2105X PFD-1260 SGF125803
FE-636 MARRU FS-1148 LF-840 TXW LD-2005 WFT6120D BWF510E
FE-836 MARRU FS-1148P LST-650 C WFF1062K PFD-1266 FSE-6212LX
LAF-38 FU-1047 LST-1650 C WFL-1000P LAW6012 SGF126103
LAF-410 WF1000T PFE-93 P 1L-7310D FG-1206 SGF126803
381 LM-110 PFD-93 P WFF0812KK WFA1276SH SGF125103
4101 LA-383 PFD-93LX 4L-104 WFA1276E VLF7202
BKW-905 LA-4103 PFDA-73 P 2ML-96 WFA0677E SGF127103
LVF-85 TW WA-8310 1 PFDA-93 P 2ML-116 PFD-1277 SGF127129
LFC-850TFR LD-945 L-209R 2ML-316X PFE-1277 VLF6220
LFC-850TNWFR 63CT L-660G 3F-2611 FF-7012 SGF127803
LFC850TDFR 93CT L-860G PFE-113P/CKD FE-1247E XQG50-BTWM5
LFC850TNDWFR EF-948 L-509G PFE-93IP/CKD WFA1217F FE-712
LL-851 TB WA-8413A 1F-2607 PFD-93P/CKD FF-712 PFD-1126LX
TH-4514 FES-1148S 1F-2609 PFD-93IP/CKD VLF7122 WDI63113HK
TH-8514 LK-115 1F-2609LX PFD-113IP/CKD WDI2202 F-6212IT
WA-6101 BR-1090 1F-3609LA QWM1 WFD711ALX F-7212IT
WA-6102 EL-850 FE-837 QWD1 CI931IN F-7210IT
WA-6112 LL-115 1F-2611 L-1006 SPRING-610 VLF1635
WA-6113 1F-946LX 1F-3611 3F-2609 PFD-1165 1FE-1027
WA-6119 WA-6126 1F-2609P 3F-3612 ZEN-L6110 F-7212X
WA-6120 WA-6127 1F-2609PN LFA-3100 VLF6120 F-610X
LF-84 FE-948 1F-2611P LFB-310 FAS-3612 KWD63110
LF-8400 EU-1041 1F-3609IT 1L-846 CI330IN URBAN-LI6210
FE-3 1L-84 AD-1158 L-2106 ROMAN-L1226 URBAN-LI7210
WMC-5010 FE-2011 IN K1100CT L-2106X SUNNY-610 ZEN-LI7212
WM-2008 LW-1148D 1FE-209 4L-94X FF-6000 ZEN-L5110
WM-2010 SPF-1100E 1FE-211 DLZ491JU1 F-2710LX URBAN-L6210
WA-801 F901T 93CT1 WL-110 HOLLY-612 ZEN-L7112
WA-1001 L-2082F L-1609I LFA-1000 HOLLY-710 VLF7224B
800F L-1041G 4L-94 PFD-83IP/CKD VLF7112LX VLF6224
LBP-38 F-948 4L-956 PFE-83IP/CKD KWDI63113 URBAN-L7210
5085WA F-1158 4L-1046IT PFE-113IP/CKD VLF7122B DLZ693WCH
WMC-5008 F-948Y LP-2096 3F-109 FAS-3612X FE-6010
WWH6109T F-948R LP-2096N 3F-111 FGB-270 BWDW325W
WWH7109T F-948IN 1LW-96 3F-3610P FGB-1725 ZEN-LS6212
WAV-1000 F-1158DB 1LW-116 3F-3612P WFA1117F BWW162I
WA-8010 L-191C LID-84 3F-3610PN PFD-1267 ETS ZEN-LSI6212
WA-1010 L-5101G FF-95 3F-3610IT PFD-1067 URBAN-LSI6212
RWH-6109TWW L-4081P FF-115 3F-3611IT WFA876A FS-6212IT
NCW-905 L-5081G FF-1105 3F-3612IT WFA1076A FS-6212
FW-850 L-7081D FF-1106 3F-3611I WFA1077A FGB-160
WWH-6106TWW L-6081I DEC LB-110 3F-3611IN WFA676A FGB-162
WWH-7106TWW L-3081R VLF2105 3F-2611X L-7712S FGB-260
WWH-6108TWW 1F-948P F-4611 FF-109 1FE-1247E FGB-262
1000F 1F-948PN FS-3611 FF-111 PFE-1060 BASIC-L1016
WA-8300 1F-1158DOMO P FS-3611IT FF-111X PFE-860 FE-710
WA-8301 1F-1158P FE-848 WI62112 PFD-1060 FE-7212IT
CURO-381 L-9081M FE-1048 WDI62112 PFD-2060 PLAT-L6010S
CL-4101 FE-1158 VEF7115 LA-108 PFE-2060 VLF5222
CT-8517 FU-1158IN 3F-211 3FS-3611IT PFE-1165 FE-7012

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