Dolce Gusto Krups / Delonghi coffee spout plate for coffee maker

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Injection plate for Dolce Gusto Genio Delonghi / Krups coffee maker.

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  • MS-622718
  • WI1277
  • 5513221071

Injector and injector plate for Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee maker series, this replacement allows you to correctly perforate the coffee capsule and prevents coffee from escaping through the joining edges.

Before replacing the plate, it is advisable to decalcify the coffee maker so that it works correctly.
Here you can see descaling products for coffee machines.

Compatible models:

delonghi Krups
EDG100.W Piccolo White circle
EDG200.B Piccolo (EDG 200.B, EDG200B) Creative KP26
EDG200.R Piccolo (EDG 200.R, EDG200R) fountain
EDG200.L Piccolo Lima melody 1
EDG201.S Piccolo (EDG 201.S, EDG201S) melody 2
EDG201.G Piccolo (EDG 201.G, EDG201G) Melody 3
EDG465.B Genius 2 (EDG 465.B, EDG465B, EDG 465B) mini me
EDG466.S Genius 2 (EDG 466.S, EDG466S, EDG 466S) Piccolo
EDG455B Genius Genius
EDG455T Genius
EDG456 Genius Fiorucci
EDG600.B Circle (EDG600.B)
EDG600.R Circle (EDG600.R, EDG600.R)
EDG600.WH Circle (EDG600.WH, EDG600.WH)
EDG601.S Circle (EDG601.S, EDG601.S)
EDG605.B Circle (EDG605.B, EDG605.B)
EDG605.R Circle (EDG605.R, EDG605.R)
EDG606.S Circolo Automatic (EDG606.S, EDG606.S)
EDG305.BG Mini Me (EDG 305.BG, EDG305BG, EDG 305BG)
EDG305.WB Mini Me (EDG 305.WB, EDG305WB, EDG 305WB)
EDG305.WR Mini Me (EDG 305.WR, EDG305WR, EDG 305WR)
EDG420.B Melody 3 (EDG 420.B, EDG420B)
EDG420.FB Melody 3 (EDG 420.FB, EDG420FB)
EDG626.R Melody 3 Automatic (EDG 626.R, EDG626R)
EDG626.S Melody 3 Automatic (EDG 626.S, EDG626S)
EDG705.B Creative Samba (EDG705.B, EDG705.B)
EDG715.B Creative (EDG715.B, EDG715.B)
EDG716.B Creative (EDG716.B, EDG716.B)

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