Beko, Arçelik, Bru Washing Machine Drain Hose 2821500100

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Beko, Arçelik, Bru washing machine drain tube.

Washing machine water outlet pipe replacement. This replacement accessory allows the water to drain from the appliance.

Code: 2821500100


DE LUXE WA 1220 AAWM5554TWMD 56140
F.DE LUXE WA 1211WM5554TSWMD 56140 S
F.DE LUXE WA 1411WM5555TWMD25100T
WA 1415WM5556TWMD25120
WA 8660WM6410GWMD26120T
WAF63215AWMA 510 WWMD26140T
WAF63415AWMA 642 WWMD56120
WAF64415AWMB 7610 KWMD56140
WB 6310 XEWMB6510JWMD56140S
WB 7010 MWMB7610KWMD56160
WB7010MWMD 25100 TWMD66140
WB7412MWMD 25101 TWMD66140S
WM2510JWMD 25120 TWMD66160
WM2552KWMD 25121 FWMD77140
WM2554KWMD 56120WML15100P
WM5552KWMD 56120 SWML15120P

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