Delonghi Dolce Gusto Circolo EDG60 Serie Coffee Maker Water Tank WI1046

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Delonghi coffee maker water tank. Original spare part for kitchen appliances. The water that the appliance needs is deposited in this spare part.

For Dolce Gusto, Dolce Gusto Circolo EDG 60X series models.

Code: WI1046

  • Dolce Gusto Krups Circolo
  • Dolce Gusto Krups Circolo Flow Stop
EDG 600.B EDG600.WH
EDG 600.R EDG600.WH
EDG 601.G EDG605.B
EDG 601.S EDG605.B EX:1
EDG 605.B EDG605.G1
EDG 605.R EDG605.R
EDG 606.R EDG605B
EDG 606.RM EDG606.S
EDG 606.S EDG606T

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