Juicer cone Braun Multiquick 3 y Citromatic Vario Press Cone 64161627

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Braun Multiquick 3 juicer cone For container 1000 ml

Be careful, there are two versions of this piece, pay attention to the length of the central axis.

Reference: 81256043

  • 4161-CJ3000WH JCC BRAUN AUNZ
  • 4161-CJ3000WH JCC BRAUN CN
  • 4161-CJ3000WH JCC BRAUN INT
  • Multiquick 3, Citromatic vario

Device codes:

  • 0X22611001
  • 0X22611003
  • 0X22611006
  • 0X22611007
  • 0X64161723
  • 0X64161730
  • 0X64161731
  • 0X64161732
  • 0X64161734
  • 0X64161735
  • 0X64161737
  • 0X64161738
  • 0X81278949

WATCH OUT! The axis that fits with the juicer does not reach the base of the piece, it is shorter. Please refer to the secondary image of the image to ensure that it is the part that you need. There is another version of the Multiquick Braun cone with a longer shaft.


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