Braun Combi Pack 51B Waterflex Shaver Blade 81469220

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Braun 51B Waterflex Combipack razor blades. Original replacement part for body care appliance.

When your shaving you suffer scratches or it takes longer and longer to achieve a good shave, it is advisable to change the set of blades. The manufacturer recommends changing it at least every two years.

Code: 81469220

Series 5, ContourPro, ContourX
530s-4, 550, 550s-3, 550s-4, 550cc-4, 560, 560s-3, 560s-4, 565cc-4, 570s-4, 570cc, 570cc-3, 570cc-4, 590cc, 590cc-3, 590cc-4, 8385 C&R, 8374, 8377, ContourX

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