Balay Refrigerator Door Tray 00439752

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Original replacement of the tray for Balay, Profilo, Neff, Pitsos, Condor refrigerator bottle rack.

Replacement part to place your bottles and small cans in the appliance.

Reference: 00439752

Valid for model / s:

3FE2760B 3KF4860N BD2401T P1KCL4401D
3FE2860B 3KF4865B BD2602TE P1KCL4406D
3FF4760B 3KF4866A BD2662TE P1KCR4301D
3FF4760N 3KF4866N BD4302ANF P1KCR4601D
3FF4860B 3KF4960B BD4303ANFE P1KCS3701D
3FF4860N 3KF4960N BD4351ANFH P1KCS4001D
3FF4866A 3KF4967A BD4352ANFH P1KCU3901D
3FF4866N 3KF4967N BD4361ANFM P1KCU4201D
3KE4860B BD2200T BD4501ANF X5KCUBR402
3KE4860N BD2201TKD BD4602ANFE X5KCUTH450
3KE4960B BD2202TE BD4651ANF X5KCUTH490
3KE4960N BD2351T K3844X4 X5KCVCO420
3KF4860B BD2351TKD P1KCL4001D X5KCVTH392

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