Miele GN HyClean Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bag pack 9917730

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Bag for Miele SB GN HyClean 3D vacuum cleaner. HyClean 3D Efficiency GN Bag. Retains more than 99.9% of fine dust particles. Maximum efficiency fabric.

Clean replacement of the bag thanks to its automatic closure of the mouth.Sustitución limpia de la bolsa gracias a su cierre automático de la boca

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  • S8000
  • S5000
  • S2000
  • S600
  • S400i
  • S8999
  • S5999
  • S2999
  • S858
  • S658
  • S456i
  • Complete C3
  • Complete C2
  • Complete C1
  • S8
  • S5
  • ?S2

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