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Philips Shaver Adaptive Blades CU2

Philips Shaver Adaptive Blades CU2

Ref.: 0076

€6.66 VAT included


Frequent questions

The manufacturer recommends replacing the blades every two years for an optimal shave. However, if you have a very close or hard beard, it is possible that this life span of your Philips shaver head may be reduced.

Remember, you should change the blades whenever...

  • The shaving time is ostensibly lengthened
  • An abnormal irritation occurs during shaving

For blade cleaning the razors come with a small brush at the time of purchase to clean the hair stuck in the shaver head. It is usual to lose this spare part, but you can clean it with a small brush.

It is also advisable, once the residues have been brushed away, to apply a little alcohol on the shaver head to eliminate bacteria and make the cleaning process perfect.