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How to change the belt of my waxer?

Lux's older B22 andB23 waxers are appliances that have had virtually no breakdowns in the 40 years they have been on the market.


The main cause of the problem is the wear and tear of the belt. At a certain point we observe that the motor makes noise, but the rollers do not move.

In this manual, we will explain the steps to follow, for the repair of the waxer, in case it is necessary to replace the part that transmits the movement of the motor shaft to the rollers.


  1. Remove the protective strip from the device.
  2. Remove the three outer rollers, where the accessories are placed, these rollers, only go under pressure, so, they can be removed by hand or by prying with a screwdriver.
  3. Disassemble the cover with three flat screws that covers the lower mechanism.
  4. Remove the old belt, which will have snapped or broken, as this is usually the cause of the malfunction. The new one is smaller, must be tightened and, over time, will give way.We will see the inside of the appliance as shown in Figure 1
  5. .
  6. We will place the new strap as shown in Figure 2. YOU HAVE TO TIGHTEN IT, MAKING ENOUGH FORCE, the best is:
  7. .
    • Put the strap around one of the two symmetrically placed rollers
    • .
    • Ppass the belt through the motor shaft
    • .
    • Place at the beginning of another roller symmetrically and rotate it, tightening the device belt more and more until the second roller is completely encircled.
  8. If the belt is initiallynot level and in some areas it is higher than in others, turn the rollers in one direction. The spare part will gradually fall into place
  9. .
  10. Close the three screws andplace the protective side strip..

At this link you can purchase the replacement belt for your Lux Polisher


Here is a video from our Youtube channel, in which a technician teaches you how to do it.