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More efficient appliances to save energy at home

Discover how to find the most efficient appliances with the best energy label to save energy on your energy bills at home.

If you want to know what to look out for when buying new appliances to save energy at home we tell you how to find out which ones are the most efficient to significantly reduce the level of electricity consumption and other extra tips to pay less on your home energy bills.

When you buy a new appliance, you'll find out which ones are the most efficient.

Improve the conditions of your home energy contracts


The first step towards savings that you can take in your home is to improve the quality of the energy services contracted to cover the needs of the household. This means that you should make a study about the companies that have better prices or offer advantageous conditions when contracting electricity and natural gas supplies. As there are many companies that today are dedicated to the marketing of various types of energy we recommend you to go to reliable sources capable of providing updated and accurate information, such as the official websites of these companies or specialized content portals in energy information in order to know what are the prices and conditions of the most popular electricity tariffs in the current energy market, for example here:

You can also find out which are the best electricity and gas tariffs together or separately using a comparator such as the CNMC or the OCU.

By using this system you are guaranteed to obtain updated results as reflected in the following example: the old Viesgo tariffs have now become Repsol's tariffs for electricity and gas since the energy group changed its name (no longer only for Viesgo's tariffs but for each of the sections that make up the company).


Tips for purchasing and using new household appliances


According to studies by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) that you can consult from here, 55% of consumption within a home corresponds to the use of white goods. Therefore, investing in new models with a good level of efficiency is of great help to reduce the consumption of electrical energy at home:


- Select items whose energy label is primarily A, bearing in mind that as the letters of the alphabet advance the level of efficiency decreases, with G being the worst possible value in terms of the use of resources by these appliances.


- Please take into account the proper proportions, charging capacity and power of the new appliances to be purchased and do not buy a larger or too powerful model that you do not need.

- Start using always the short wash programs and especially the ECO mode of the appliances. Try to make the most of the load of the dishwasher and washing machine, put them during the cheap hours of light if you have an electricity tariff with time discrimination and do not abuse the high temperatures for washing.


- Avoid putting hot foodin the refrigerator and do not open it longer than necessary. Maintain aappropriate temperature for both the refrigerator (6º) and the freezer (-18º).


- Uses the residual energyof the oven and glass-ceramic hob to refine food preparation, using containers sized to the size of the hobs and without opening the oven door while it performs its function.

- Clean the filtersof the appliances and the back of the refrigerator regularly to ensure the best performance and efficiency conditions for your appliances.