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Washing machine filter maintenance

What is the purpose of the washing machine filter? How to do a correct maintenance?


The filter of a washing machine is a normally cylindrical body that fits into the drain of the appliance.

Practically, the filter of any brand of washing machine has the same features and functions.

This part is in charge of preventing large or improperly shaped objects from reaching the body of the pump and can cause a breakdown, a clog, or a problem in the drains of the houses.


So.... How often is it a good idea to unclog and check my washing machine filter?


It all depends on how the appliance is used, but, there are always some ideas that we should keep in mind to avoid breakdowns in the washing machine drain pump:

  • No need to spend all day disassembling and cleaning the filter. Only large bodies reach it, it is not normal to have clogging.
  • It is advisable to check the condition of the filter every 6 months if the use of the washing machine is high.
  • It is very important to prevent clogging by checking well before washing pockets (avoiding coins or kleenex papers) and parts of the clothes that can come off: rivets or buttons badly sewn, bra rings somewhat loose.
  • If you are going to wash very small garments or garments with loose items it is advisable to put them in a laundry bag beforehand.
  • If the washing machine makes strange noises at the time of draining, the first thing to try is to remove the washing machine filter and see if any body is blocking the pump turbine.
  • If the clothes come out very wet or there is water left when the wash is finished it is likely that there is a clog in the filter that can be undone, or that a fault has been caused in the pump and a repair is needed.

**** Sometimes, if it has been a long time since the last time we disassembled the filter, it is possible that it is blocked and it is complex to remove it in the usual way, by screwing. This happens especially in places where the waters have a lot of lime or are not of good quality, since, with time, impurities form around the filter, making it become immobile. On these occasions, it is advisable to try to clean the entire device with a special product for this purpose, and then apply a lubricant on the filter thread to make it easier to unblock the thread.

By keeping these simple points in mind, the pump filter of our washer will probably last longerand work better, but it still sometimes needs to be replaced to avoid major breakdowns.

We hope we have been helpful, anyway, if you have any questions about filter or washing machine pumps you can direct us to the customer service mail of our online store, or leave it in the comments.

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