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Problems with my blender

My blender glass has cracked.
My blender leaks!
When I start the blender it sounds weird.

I've cracked my blender's glass beaker.

These three problems are the main causeswhy people take their blenders in for repair or change blenders (ahead of time)

At electrotodo, we explain how to

  • The mixer-blender-jarhas cracked.
    • When glasses, for no apparent reason, begin to crack, it is almost always due to sudden temperature changes, this happens most often with glass vessels. If immediately after boiling the vegetables of the puree, we throw them into the glass of the blender to finish preparing it, the sudden temperature difference will cause it to crack. It can also happen when the temperature change is to cold, if we try to crush ice or make a very cold smoothie.
  • My blender drips
  • .
    • The cup's sealing occurs at the base of the cup, where it is the gasket that joins the glass/plastic cup to the blade and the clamping thread. This blender gasket must remain flexible and must not be deformed. Sometimes, even if the gasket is in perfect condition, or we have already changed it, we make a mistake in the order of placement and the mixer continues to leak. The gasket must always be in contact with the glass, i.e. if the gasket does not touch the glass and remains, for example, between the blade and the fastening thread, the appliance will continue to show the same malfunction.
  • When you start the blender, it sounds strange.
    • If, when you turn the appliance on, it sounds squeaky, or something like knocking, it is likely that the Until the next post!